Corporate History

From the big dreams and perseverance of a visionary family, our company was established in 1945 as their new business ventures began.

In 2010, we were born officially as RV4 around two basic pillars: generate sustainable profit and promote our employees’ and community’s growth. We have successfully penetrated the real-state and agro-industrial sectors in Guatemala, in which we have evolved within the years.

The letters RV refer to the words in Spanish “Rentabilidad con Valores” which means having profit with principles, these have been inherited from generation to generation. The number 4 represents the aspects that influence the life of each and every one of us that works in the company; the personal, professional, familiar and community aspects. We want the company to leave a hallmark in everyone around us, this is why we cultivate and nurture the trust of the relations with our clients, suppliers, and investors in order to build honest and long-lasting relationships.